Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

13 December 2014

Beauty and the Beast

"Two standing human forms in an embrace" from Arkfeld site, Clear Brook, Virginia
Find and interpretation by Adam Arkfeld

This statuette has a scepter-like handle which has been been inserted into a wood base for this presentation. 

Because it was found in concentration with other human modified rocks which have unique visual properties as compared to the background stone material at the site, this object requires serious consideration as a sculpted art piece. It may depict two human forms in an embrace with the back of woman's head facing the viewer. The rounded aspect of the two heads as well as a groove which separates the heads require expert analysis to confirm human agency.  

The back of the woman's head may have a carved upside-down "V" shape to depict a long hairstyle. The male figure has facial detail elements, a left arm bent at the elbow and somewhat of a hunched back. It appears to be almost ape-like.

Adam Arkfeld observed the Virginia statuette is evocative of our contemporary "Beauty and the Beast" imagery

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