Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

02 July 2013

Clive Finlayson's Vanguard Cave flint may be more than a simple flake in light of possible proboscidean iconography

Desscribed by Professor Clive Finlayson as a flake indicating human activity at Vanguard Cave, Gibraltar 

Ken Johnston identifies the stone flake here as a possible recognized or intentionally manufactured figurative representation of a proboscidean (from proboscidea, Order of elephants). The elephant representation is in profile facing right, with its head turned slightly toward the viewer and its large ear visible as a raised area of flint between the "head" and "body."

This piece may be a good indicator of the presence of more iconographic flints to be found by the archaeologists at the caves of Gibraltar. 

Photograph is from Clive Finlayson's June 21 blog posting here.



  1. Lovely elephants nice one

  2. The elephant head icon looking skywards trunk tucked under, very typical in my own finds.
    Contextualy I lean more to the idea of more sophisticated human ancestors, rather than smarter neanderthals.The artistry in these artifacts seems almost man+ not super neanderthal.
    Lovely elephants:-)