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16 July 2013

"Bird looking beside" artifact from the collection of archaeologist Jimmy Groen

Aachen, Germany, ca. 8,000 to 7,000. years BP, Jimmy Groen collection

Hello Ken,

An object from my collection,that maybe is worthwhile to bring to your attention.
The object is- to my opinion- a bird looking beside. It measures 5 cm high and 4,5 cm wide and has been adapted by humans. To see the blows I add a close up image of the head (top view) . The other images are left view, right view and another close up, emphasizing the eye and the beak.
The object has been found not far from the German town of Aachen, at a tool production site from the Late Neolithic/ Early Neolithic period, ca 6000 - 5000 BC.
At this site, several adapted objects were found.
Maybe this object is worth to write about?

My regards,

"Découvrir au jour d' hui les réponses aux questions que nous posons demain sur l'histoire d'hier"

L. J Groen


Arbannig: prehistorie Zuid-Limburg e.o.

Yn Gaasterlân: prehistorie en historie in  Gaasterland, Friesland


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