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22 January 2013

Oregon burin flakes join flock of beaked bird flints from Arizona and Ohio

A flake from the Dennis Boggs collection at Irrigon, Oregon, has a familiar bird form where the beak may have had a tool purpose as a burin or graver

Oregon artifact at left, an Ohio artifact at right. The Ohio bird form was compared to an Arizona bird figure with a pigmented eye, 3 postings ago.

A human face has been worked on micro scale. Face is 2cm tall in the frame of this photo. It may be seen on the middle of the left edge of the artifact in the photos above this one.  Identified by Ken Johnston in the Dennis Boggs collection from Irrigon, Oregon.

Cortex side of the Oregon bird at left.  The Ohio bird like form at right was found in the context of other flint bird figures.

The bird form is combined with an egg shape which also presents the outline of a (pregnant?) female implied by a face on the belly. 

Side 2, cortex side of artifact has human facial imagery as seen highlighted in the photo markup. (The mouth is in red color.)

Another Oregon example in the same rock material which has a heavy duty bit resembling a bird's head with beak, which can be leveraged for maximum force against a material to be worked. This supports the possibility the Artifact 1 burin flake was also a tool/bird figure object in the Columbia River Stone Age.

Side 2 of the beaked bird head is also an approximate bird form

The two bird form Oregon artifacts here are made on the same type of rock material

This possible image of a plump woman's laughing face at left was extracted from the top middle of the artifact as seen in the photo above these two. The skull or bearded man image at right was extracted from the center of the woman's face image at left. The man and woman are sharing the same eyes. (Tilting your head to the left may help orient the images.)

A quasi-anthropomorphic face image is worked onto the posterior of the bird's head


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