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02 December 2011

Feline head is seen on "horse head" figure from prior posting when viewed at a new angle of orientation

When the horse head figure stone Lyn Niday found in Ohio is rotated 90 degrees to the left, a feline head, presumably a lion, may also be seen.

A reader of this blog noticed the lion head image along with the horse head image and I have highlighted it in the illustration above. This art piece, then, is a predator and prey polymorph, the primary animal seen depending on a slight change in angle of perception, horse or lion. Lyn saw this as a horse head in the field and neither one of us detected the lion. Sometimes it takes multiple eyes, and fresh eyes, to perceive some of the subtle images which are left in stone.  The presence of two animals such as this argues in favor of the artificiality of the object.

This is the horse head image, which when rotated 90 degrees to the left, may then be seen as a lion head image, in a possible predator and prey themed polymorphic sculpture. Here is link to the original horse head posting which includes a photo of the artifact with a centimeter scale.

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  1. That's a nice one! I've found many rocks like these in Ontario Canada in various sizes. They almost always appear to be predator/prey relationships. My favourite is a small one that looks like a goose on one end and dog on the other.