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21 December 2016

Open egg form with visibility into its internal structure from The Island of Oleron, France

        'Open egg form with visibility into its internal structure'
Henri Valentie find, a Lower Paleolithic site, Island of Oleron, France
During all those years of research I noticed that, besides all forms nature offers in rocks- trees, fruit, animals etc., the egg-shaped rocks were considered as the most ideal kind. The big cosmic egg, the germinal force and origin of life, seems to have been a very important notion and turns out to be a main line in the images. -Jan van Es, Roermond, Netherlands
Stone pierced by nature but retouched to enlarge or to complete the work of nature. The bars that cross the hole are made of stones. If you know this natural phenomenon I will be curious to know it. Dim: 8/6 cmle hole made 3 cm in diameter.

The second picture is I think a character sitting. We observe the splinters removed on the head and on the inf and post limbs. Dim 18/15 cm. These 2 stones come from the same site on the Island of Oleron.
I wish you a happy New Year

In this view of the second stone described by Mr. Valentie I see a possible rabbit figure in profile looking right

Cortex removal in selected locations to affect an 'ear' and a 'nose' of the perceived rabbit likeness of this pierre-figure.

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