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22 December 2016

Arkfeld Site human head profile has deeply incised eye definition, a human face carving as its 'nose,' and a possible 'beaver' figure when it is rotated

'Human head profile facing right'
Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia, Site #44FK731

Deeply incised and angular lines define the figure's eye area and provide quite complete confirmation of the intentional art enterprise evidenced at this remarkable archaeology site. Please note the lower right of this photo which includes the human's 'nose' and shows a human face which has been carved and included looking right on its surface.

Close up view of the human face looking right on the 'nose' of the larger human profile

When the human head profile is rotated 90 degrees left the top stone layer in the stone's relief appears to depict a beaver-like animal with faint remnants of its eye, nose and mouth still faintly visible on the stone.

Illustration of the animal face features on the stone.

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