Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

09 October 2015

Natural rocks with slight modifications become a figure stone and a hand axe

'Animal head (undertermined, perhaps wolf, bear or mountain lion) (3 cm)
Chris Blumenstock finds, Valley Forge, Tennessee

The eye and mouth of the animal head are areas where careful scientific examination is likely to confirm artifact status of this stone. The ear area may have also been humanly modified.

Stone with removal to sharpen the right edge seen here. This hand axe has an affinity with 'Old World' cordiform Acheulean hand axes.

'Phi in the Acheulian' by John Feliks shows how the one million year tradition of Acheulean hand axes implies the expression of the Golden Ratio driven by a human aesthetic which dates to the dawn of humanity and up to our present time. (My units for the calculation were derived by measuring the image as displayed on my computer screen in centimeters. This does not reflect the actual size of the artifact.)

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