Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

22 October 2015

'Human face looking left' and a second face may be presenting two human chin types, from the site at Grand Pressigny, France

'Human face looking left'
From the site at Grand Pressigny, France, private collection
Photos by Henri Valentie

Side 2

Quasi-anthropomorphic face in right 3/4 profile. This face seems to present a prominent chin including a dimple. The one at top seems to be depicting a recessive chin on the person. I think the 'chin types' of recessive and prominent are a primary subject matter in this sculpture. Sculptures like this may be depicting the coexistence of two human types (neanderthaloid and sapienoid) with very different facial features.

Neanderthal and sapiens skulls for chin comparison

Side 3

Another view the stone presents a human-like figure standing and looking to the left. Photos submitted thanks to Henri Valentie.

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