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23 October 2013

50 year student of portable rock art documented a "Full face of a cat" from Missouri in a 2006 letter

"Full face of a cat"
Arthur Langeneckert, Jr., find, Crawford County, Missouri

Link here to Alan Day's web site Mr. Langeneckert makes reference to

I think it is very possible this sculpture depicts a fractal-like "cat face within a cat face within a cat face" for a total of three cat faces in the one perspective. The 2nd cat's left eye is the right eye of the 1st cat (shared eye).  The 3rd cat is depicted at the mouth of the 2nd cat, a motif I have interpreted on a 300,000 year old artifact from the Belgian Kempen.

Here is a 9 year old's drawing of the "face within a face" art concept, expressed like fractals through 5 levels, one going off the paper and out of the frame of reference. A similar kind of representation is also seen in portable rock art as in this fine example from Mr. Langeneckert's Missouri collection.

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