Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

01 August 2013

American sculpted shapes imply broad aesthetic appeal through time and distance

 Dennis Boggs find, Irrigon, Oregon. I think this could be an abstract standing pregnant female in right profile form being depicted by selected removal of a stone layer, leaving a bulging rounded shape on the lower right side here.

LEFT: "An Acheulean hand axe from the Somme valley, northern France. Hand axes show variation in form, being oval, triangular, or “teardrop” in shape. Note the symmetrical form of this example and the large number of flake scars, typical of many examples from west of the Movius Line."

RIGHT: side 2 of Irrigon, Oregon sculpted stone. (click photos to expand)

The geometric shaping of this Oregon stone was probably inspired by the raw material, white quartz with alternating tan layers

Side view of the sculpted stone

A Knox County, Ohio, flint from my collection, ca. 8,000 to 3,000 BP 

The Ohio flint on top of the Oregon quartz sculpture for size and shape comparison

(Left) Oregon sculpture, (center) Acheulean handaxe, Morocco, N. Africa, (right) Ohio

Here is another similarly shaped stone with a rounded feature in bas relief which may be a representation of a pregnant woman. It was featured in an earlier posting because it includes additional imagery.


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