Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

17 May 2013

"...certainly not a habit of nature"

Flint bird figure made of Vanport chert, Licking County, Ohio is one of several dozen identified by amateur archaeologist and blogger Ken Johnston.

"Patterson (1983) warns that subjective discussion should be avoided and observes that even natural damage can be described in explicit terms. He places value on recognising the patterns that characterise artefactuality including frequency:

'Even if nature can produce lithic objects resembling simple man-made items, nature is not likely to do this often. Therefore, the frequency of occurrence at a given location of specimens with similar morphologies is important in demonstrating probable manufacturing patterns. Production of numerous lithic specimens with consistent morphology is certainly not a habit of nature.'" 

Side 2 view


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  1. Hi Ken, Just sorted out some chert and found 3 pieces with similar unusual shape. See latest post.