Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

15 April 2013

Anza, California, stone rhomboid form (with face image) found in suspected portable rock art context by amateur archaeologist Karon Schwab

Rhomboid stone form with face image, identified by Karon Schwab, Anza, California, in a suspected portable rock art context introduced in a posting last month.

Karon Schwab of Idlyllwild, California, was kind enough to send me her collection of anomalous suspected artifact finds from Idyllwild and Anza. This past weekend I discovered a distinct rhomboid form in Karon's collection and I think it is worth considering as related to stone rhomboids identified by other amateurs as seen in the posting just prior to this one. Karon identified the facial image on one of the primary sides.


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