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04 December 2012

Flint Ridge, Ohio, "rock hound" may have found an example of a flint and crystal lion head expressed in a familiar scheme

Anonymous rock collector may have found a stunning example of a flint and crystal lion's head facing left at Flint Ridge, Licking County, Ohio. (click photos to expand and compare)

"Little bear from the Boukoul site. V.O.A. Jasper stone under 2 cm" from archaeologist Jan van Es, The Netherlands. (bottom) Ken Johnston interpretation and markup of lion mouth and eye in the photo to illustrate how the bear may be made within the lion head "template" or "scheme." Thus, this could be interpreted as a possible polymorphic piece, lion head and bear. van Es notes the piece is heavily patinated. 

Three previously posted Ohio examples are shown below. The last one is patinated in a spot as if rubbed by the human hand.

 The size of this Upper Mercer flint lion's head is closer to the Boukoul, Netherlands, example

American lion head reconstrction



  1. The Mercer flint is also a side profile of a buffalo facing the opposite way.and on its back side it appears to be sitting.anonymous seems to also be an owl or a woman holdig a dog her face the little red circle at the top it also looks like a face facing down on the blue with a helmet on.what's all the stuff in the lions mouth it looks to be very finely done they look like little cave painting s

  2. it is a bird 2nd pic is sitting the right your mark are all around the wing.