Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

03 August 2012

A hafted flint feline head with handling wear at Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Licking County, Ohio, flint depiction of a feline head in left profile found and interpreted by Ken Johnston
A spokeshave like mouth (red), a worked eye (in circle), an ear made using a cavity in the flint, a ledge to assist with hafting to bone or wood, possibly comprising the body of the feline. I have wondered if some of these artifacts may have been used as toys, or semiotic pieces tied to stories told to warn children of the dangers of cats. There is an area of smoothed wear patina, as if from rubbing action, around the neck and jaw area, highlighted by a thin white line. (click photos to expand and compare)

Large size feline head from an earlier posting composed in similar style and using the same stone design template as the smaller artifact. The feline head profile is reversed in this rendering of the photo to allow direct comparison to the smaller piece from the same perspective. This colorful feline's mouth is at the lower left, seen as a creamy white band. The ear is made of a reddish oval shaped part of the stone in the upper right, which is comparable to the expression of the ear on the smaller artifact.

Reverse side, seen with cm scale


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