27 August 2012

Tira Vanichtheeranont of Thailand has found what could be a morphological analog to art in Western European and American "human/bird/egg" motif

Tira Vanichtheeranont find from the ground of the cave in Kanchanburi, Thailand
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This piece with anthropomorphic visual qualities was found in the context of a life size stone face mask to be seen soon on this blog. Whether this object is a curated naturefact, or an artifact (human modified), is not as important as the context and similarities to other suspected culturally mediated forms from amateur identified prehistoric cultural sites around the world. This author thinks some artifactuality is present here, but difficult to detect because of its subtlety, the rock material, and its age since human deposition.

Italian example. Photo is (c) Copyright Pietro Gaietto, Museum of the Origins of Man

Italian Paleolithic sculpture author Pietro Gaietto identifies this as a sculpture of the human head. The "human/bird/egg" may be seen here from Italy. Gaietto suggests a possible depiction in these forms are faces of humans with the disease Ecromagaly. It currently occurs in a rate of 1 person of 20,000.

Thailand article with scale

Archaeologist Jan van Es of The Netherlands has described this form, and suggests that the facial edge line may also be interpreted as a female body outline, where the nose is the bust and the mouth is the vulva issuing forth life, in the form of the cosmic egg/chin.

Archaeologist Jimmy Groen of The Netherlands found this portable rock art face in the Belgian Kempen region in soils dated to 450,000 to 300,000 years before present. It has been interpreted by Ken Johnston as a polymorphic "art" piece which implies language and an ability to construct a 'world view,' or ideology, in Archaic sapiens. It also exquisitely exemplifies the egg/chin combination.

 Thailand face side 2

American example from Day's Knob, Guernsey County, Ohio. Find and photo and illustration by Alan Day, the landowner. This "human/bird/egg" motif was first described in America by Alan as seen in these two stone faces with zooanthropomorphic forms incorporated into the chin and many other figure stones from his site #33GU218 (Ohio archaeological inventory).

Here is a link to another recent posting from Tira's Thailand finds.


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  1. Ken,
    I believe this rock contains other hidden art. In addition to the image that is obvious, I see two faces with a side profile at the top of the rock looking up. I also see an animal on the left side of the rock...probably a bear...looking to the left. About one inch to the right of the eye, there seem to be small figures/images... that appear to be babies. I have seen this kind of art on some of my rocks.