16 August 2012

23JP1222 site in Missouri has nosed face profile interpreted by Stacy Dodd

Photo is by, and courtesy of, Alan Day

Find by Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber. Interpreted as an anthropomorphic right facial profile sculpture, standing in correct orientation on a base. Please compare the facial forms and nose composition to artifacts in the prior posting, also from Missouri. Thanks to Mr. Dodd for noticing the similarity here. Some of the human head sculptures in the genre and from this site appear to be deliberately looking upward.

Figure stone investigator Alan Day of Cambridge, Ohio, writes:
"A recurring motif in the old Figure Stones, which this author has dubbed the Stargazer - a face staring upward, usually open-mouthed, the figure standing on a flat or arched base."

Example I of another human head depicted as looking upward.


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