12 August 2012

Anthropomorphic stone face found in Maine by flint knapper Bob Doyle

Anthropomorphic stone face found in Maine by Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle is an amateur archaeologist and master flint knapper living in Maine. Bob teaches knapping, experiments with old stoneworking techniques, and replicates technologies used in the past to create tools and portable rock art objects in the figure stone genre.  Bob identified some human modification to this rock. The mouth seems to have been made by creation of a pecked or chiseled horizontal line with a semi-circle underneath. (click photos to expand)

Here is a picture of the stone face from Thailand in the posting just prior to this one for comparison to the Maine stone face, found half the world away. Perhaps the faces are examples of a universal human aesthetic, and signification given to natural objects which may have been used "as is" or slightly modified to enhance the human likeness as in Bob's example.


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