Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

04 November 2012

Stone birds are well documented from the SDM Site, Kent County, Michigan

A stone owl figure from the SDM Site, Solon Township, Kent County, Michigan (sound!)
Courtesy Dennis J. Moore

This stone owl weighs 81 lbs. and is 18" tall. Peck parks represent spots on the owl's breast. It is similar to other stone owl forms identified in a context of portable rock art bird figures. Like my Buckeye Lake finds, the SDM Site which produced the owl is located in a geographic context of glacial kettle lakes.

Dennis' father, Edward R. Moore, is the first (1977) person to have described the "one eye open/one eye closed/missing" portable rock art motif in North America, based on his findings at the SDM site. He was unaware others such as Germany's Walther Matthes had described it in Europe in the late 1950's. Some of the SDM Site bird figures resemble those identified by Ursel Benekendorff of Germany.

Side 2 of the owl

Markings on some of the SDM site pieces are described by Mr. Moore as plow marks, but in the example above the marks are parallel and perpendicular incised lines, deliberate of the human hand, and may be a part of the art piece. Many good examples of chert and coarse stone birds are available at the SDM web site (sound!) and a Field Guide is for sale.


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  1. Kenneth,

    Thank you for posting the photos from our website:
    and for giving well deserved credit to our Father.

    This particular Stone Bird is 81 lbs and about 18" tall.

    Thank you again, Kenneth!