Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

15 November 2012

Artist, now amateur archaeologist, discovers portable rock art cultural remnants on the desert surface at Prescott, Arizona

A bird form (and possible scraper tool), from Nadia Clark, Prescott, Arizona

Side 2, sculpture standing upright on its own

Nadia demonstrates how an edge suitable for scraping or chopping is presented when the bird sculpture is held optimally in the hand

Heavy duty rhomboid burin/borers discovered by Nadia Clark in association with her portable rock art finds. These tool forms have been identified by several amateur archaeologists and will prove to be associated with early art and tool makers in the Americas. They do not seem to have been described by American archaeology but will be shown in the near future on this blog from several sites along with the art associated with the rhomboids. Similar rhomboid tools have been associated with the chopper/chopping tool tradition of Europe.

Former cultural sites are exposed at the surface and Nadia has identified concentrations of likely iconic rock material

Careful examination of rocks on the desert floor at Prescott, Arizona, reveals rhomboid tool forms and classic figure stones


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  1. These stones with this shape struck me because they have a simple shape, the stones are of various material ( chert, sandstone,clay,etc..), and the shape was seen more than once.