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09 November 2012

Similar rock forms identified by three amateur archaeologists suggest prehistoric propensity to collect laughing stone "hand puppet" mimetoliths

Laughing stone #4 on this blog

Mike Raver find, Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio. Found in the context of tools and other portable rock art pieces, some of which have been published on this blog.  Mike's blog is here.

Dennis Boggs finds, Irrigon, Oregon flanking Sherry's "Kermit the frog" rock in the middle. The rock on the left is a bobble-head which will rock as if laughing when set into motion by a slight push.

Laughing stone, Zanesville, Ohio, has a mouth angle similar to the maximum angle which can be achieved by the human hand in "laughing hand puppet" position as seen in the photo below.

The head of this anthropomorphic "stick figure" form in Brazil cave rock art resembles the outline of the shadow of the human hand puppet form. Perhaps this kind of hand puppet was used as a prop or medium in story telling which was recognized and collected when natural rocks with a similar form were discovered.


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  1. Chapter 12 of the Saturnian Cosmology Web-Book, has several examples of this "stick man".

    There are many plausible explanations offered by the Author-Jno Cook.


    Tim Moore