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23 June 2012

Maryland find identified as like a laughing human face cartoon by artifact and fossil hunter Mark Jones resembles some Neanderthal models

Mark Jones find and photo, Piney Point, Maryland

Mark is an avocational archaeologist and a fossil hunter, so he is accustomed to assessing worked and natural rocks. Mark determined this piece has been slightly worked, so this is likely a natural stone which was found and recognized as resembling a laughing human and then enhanced. The reverse side is flat with no significant features. The piece has a polished patina which may indicate prehistoric handling and wear. It is approximately 4cm tall. It seemed to resemble a cartoon-like, laughing, human face. I noted some reconstructions of Neanderthals had similar looking smiling faces.

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Mark Jones find at Piney Point, Maryland

Reconstructions of a few hominin heads and faces are available in this Daily Mail article.

Mark's "Kissy birds" figure stone and photograph was the first subject posted on this blog.


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