Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

01 February 2012

"Old Route 66 zoo" site announced in Missouri, dozens of suspected worked flint sculptures, site available for qualified archaeologists

Owl sculpture identified from the "Old Route 66 zoo."  The potentially very old site is available for archaeological investigation.

Stacy Dodd of suburban Memphis, Tennessee, reports the find of a large number of worked stones with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic qualities.  The find location is in South West Missouri near the old Route 66 and has been dubbed the "Old Route 66 zoo site."  The site is producing archaeologist-verified tools along with possible sculptures which are compatible in morphology with other select examples of portable rock art from the United States as well as North West Europe.  

The 5 acre area is privately owned and the landowner is eager to discuss the potential for scientific examination of the site with qualified archaeological investigators.  Artifacts have been surface collected and a test pit indicates many more remain.  Approximately 100 crude flint pieces having evidence of human agency as well as imagery have been identified so far.  Archaeologists who are interested in what could be a very old archaeological site in the middle of North America may contact Mr. Dodd at: for further information.

The owl above is a very nice example of an animal which makes a recurring appearance in paleoart.  Look for additional artifact photos from this exciting new Missouri site on this blog.

 OR66Z, 23JP1222