Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

21 November 2011

A winking turkey figure stone

A winking turkey figure stone
This flint resembling a turkey head was found at a Licking County, Ohio, site which has produced a number of pieces which resemble bird heads and the heads of a few other animals.  Find by Ken Johnston, on the north shore of Buckeye Lake.  Please see the suspected Belted Kingfisher head posting just recently for another example from this site.  Additional examples of suspected flint animal heads will be introduced over time on this blog. (click photo to expand)

Turkey eye close up shows possible pigment to highlight eyelid

Photo of turkey head left profile with eye closed (wink).  This turkey was described as walking around with its eyes closed, perhaps like the subject of the figure stone.

Side two, shown with scale

A winking turkey


  1. Hey, its Got Elephant written all over it, a nice wolfy type beast too, if you rotate 90' anticlockwise. This is another 'oxypolylyth' type :D Unbelivable resemblance to some recent uk finds. Bm

  2. WOW an awsome horsehead and shoulders head on the bottom right of the reverse. Bm

  3. I have a flake that resembles an indian, let me know if your interested in taking a look at it. I can take a picture of it and e-mail it to you. My e-mail is let me know, my uncle just think it's of flake but has 3 notches in the forhead, maybe a knife? I have good imagination like me and see things in rocks too, they almost tell a story.