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10 February 2011

Kissy Birds

Kissy Birds - Potomac River, east coast, U.S.A.
Mark Jones of Piney Point, Maryland, USA, reports the pierres-figures motif of partnered birds is recognized in a large number of artifacts in his area.  He and his wife refer to them as “Kissy Birds.”  Additional avian motifs have also been identified.
Birds often have very visible and vocal courting routines, unlike almost all other regularly encountered fauna.  The full run of the  bird family relationship cycle is observable nearly everywhere within several contiguous months in dozens of bird species.  This may have had significance in the traditions of the maker of this artifact. 
Could the makers of Kissy Birds have intended them as courting stones, gifts intended to win and seal the affections of a desired partner similar to a wedding engagement ring?   Perhaps they are demonstrating their level of affection for someone as analogous to “bird-like tenderness and love.”  Love birds.
“Togetherness” is represented when one is first drawn to studying the naturalistic action forms depicted at the top of the figure stone, then it becomes “oneness” as the eye eventually slides down the ever-narrowing base.  Like us, they become a new kind of individual, a pair in union, maybe not ironically looking similar to the contemporary heart icon in form.

The presence of Kissy Birds may be related to the fresh water to salt water estuaries and the millions of migrating water birds which stop over at the Chesapeake Bay each year.

This piece does not stand on its own, it is staged in this photo using moulding clay on another stone to present it in "upright" position.

The beautiful phopto is by Mark Jones.

(Kissy Birds artifact and photo are courtesy of Mark Jones.  Photo is © Copyright 2011.  Mark Jones.  All Rights Reserved.)

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  1. I am so glad I found your site. I thought I was going crazy when I started finding all these different stones that look like one or more animals, humans ect.. The first one I found is so much like this one. The only difference is on it's back side it looks like some kind of mark by maybe who made it. I'm sending pics. to see what you think. Keep up the great work. Thank You, Roberta