Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

23 April 2016

Ohio amateur archaeologist identifies human head sculpture found among artifacts and finds comparable example from the Swiss Alps

Adam Robinson find, Stark County, Ohio

Adam writes: "My elevation is almost 1300ft and the surrounding area is 850-900. I live on a plateau called top of the world. I don't think my land was glaciated, I think it caught a lot of runoff and deposits but never carved. There's fossil sea life still in the ground only an inch below the soil. Everything I have matches Acheulean and Mousterian artifacts. Very strange."

Ken Johnston illustration of Adam's interpretation along with possibility of the human head mixed with an animal head facing to the right. Faint traces of the human's mouth and an incised eye are highlighted.

"Many human faces in Paleolithic art look a little like those of large mammals, with an elongated nose or muzzle. These are my drawings to illustrate the character or flavor of this gradient"
(c) Copyright R. Dale Guthrie, "The Nature of Paleolithic Art," 2005, page 92

A couple of bird figures identified by Adam

'Sitting bird figure'

A worked flint from the site with possible human face profiles on two sides. The arrow illustrates the 'eyesight line'. The photo at right has a possible face in left 3/4 profile on the left edge.

 A battered and broken anvil stone reconstructed by Adam Robinson

The artifact at upper left is limestone made on a prepared core using Levallois-like technology.

Stone tools identified by Adam Robinson

American handaxe identified by Adam as similar to some Acheulean handaxes

A worked quartzite flake and a worked piece of red ocher from the site. Red ocher was often used in the Stone Age as a pigment for use in decoration, ritual and body paint.


  1. I really luv this site.I have found similar stuff on gulf coast. Would enjoy showing and get your idea on it.thank

  2. I've recently found alot of these points and whats looks like faces just like some Adam in southern part of ohio.i have been looking all over for someone who seen the face in these