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14 March 2016

Missouri amateur archaeologist identifies possible Paleolithic art and tool presence at Buchanan County

'Flaked bird figure'
 Clayton Elliott finds, St. Joseph, Missouri, Buchanan County

Amateur archaeologist Clayton Elliott identified these zoomorphic stones, including a possible mammoth form at rear, center.
Clayton suspects a Paleolithic presence at his locale

A prepared core technology 'Levallois-like' point

Buchanan County, Missouri, points

 A pestle and pot set

This remarkable rock has an inclusion which resembles a broken spear point. The large number of fossil stones observed by Clayton indicates the presence of pre-historic fossil collectors.

Worked edge on fossil-bearing stone

'Human head puppet'

This motif of a human head form on a 'neck' which appears to be suitable as a 'handle' is seen at other known portable rock art sites, notably The Old Route 66 Zoo in Jasper County, Missouri. They are suspected of having been used as a kind of puppet.

Illustration of human head facing right with handle

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