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05 June 2015

Arkfeld site at Clear Brook, Virginia, produces a mammoth-human depiction on a stone with a hemispheric cupule at its center

Mammoth-cupule stone identified by Adam Arkfeld, Site #44FK732

The mammoth form cupule stone also depicts a human facial profile facing right. The "bump" on the mammoth head serves as the forehead of the human and the mammoth's trunk is also the human's nose.

Drawing Copyright (c) 2015 Bradley Lepper, Ohio History Connection.  Lepper has traced a European cave art depiction of a figure with both human and mammoth qualities. This same fundamental combination is seen in this Arkfeld sculpture example. 

The presence of a cupule in the center of the stone is compelling evidence this is a portable rock art creation. Three mammoth form cupule stones have been identified in Ohio but the Arkfeld example is the first seen elsewhere.

Perry County, Ohio, cupule stone with depiction of a mammoth in left profile with "head bump" depicted at top

Fairfield County, Ohio, a plow-abraded stone at left has its main cupule preserved as well as two smaller cups on its poles. A mammoth form for this rock may be preserved as well as seen by the possible head bump feature.

(Pike County, Ohio find) I propose this is an abstract form of a mammoth body in left profile. The dimensions and proportions of the lines approximate the main form of the body of this animal. The cupule is located at the center of the mammoth.

The Arkfeld Site mammoth-human cupule is so remarkable because of the combination of the two art motifs: cupule and mammoth-human. In a posting last month I described another remarkable piece from Texas with a cupule, bison and bird combination.

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