Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

12 June 2014

"Face on diamond shape" art motif found in European Lower Paleolithic context is identified at Spout Run site, Bluemont, Virginia

Face on diamond-shaped rock, identified by DeAnna Jerore at the Spout Run site, Bluemont, Virginia

Close up of the face worked into the Spout Run site "face on diamond." It appears the face was given two nostrils, perhaps a symbolic breath-of-life to recognize or affect animation of the stone.

Face on diamond example from Groß Pampau, Germany, Ursel Benekendorff collection. Photograph Copyright Ursel Benekendorff.

Menhir diamond shape with subtle human face stands out in a crowd of boulders.  From Groß Pampau, Germany, Ursel Benekendorff. Photograph Copyright Ursel Benekendorff. 

Jeff Vincent find, Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, found in context of many portable rock art pieces, seen in an earlier posting on this blog

Karon Schwab find, Hemet, California, identified as a weathered worked face on a diamond-shaped stone, found in context of other portable rock art objects, seen earlier on this blog.

Diamond-shaped plaque from the Arkfeld site, about 15 miles from the Spout Run site. It seems possible there is a rough facial configuration on this stone.

Ken Johnston interpretation of possible human face visage on the Arkfeld site diamond stone example. I cut a circle around the interpreted face. On the right side the image is processed through Image-J under the D-Stretch plugin used to help interpret rock art images.

Lower Paleolithic find by Jan van Es, Roermond, The Netherlands. "One eye open, other eye shut or missing" motif on a roughly diamond-shaped stone.

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