Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

03 January 2014

Archaeologists snooze while Austin, Texas, amateur discovers "One eye open, other eye closed" figure stone (with added nostrils) among dozens of portable rock art objects

David Boies find, Westlake, Texas

A representation of the figure's right eye may be seen in the eye socket. The left eye is depicted differently, suggesting a closed, damaged or missing eye. The left side of the figure's face is distorted as is seen in so many other examples and the mouth is given an emotional expression by selective removal of a hunk of stone from the lower left side of the face.

The figure stone has been given two nostrils by the Stone Age artist. This may be symbolic of the artist's desire to "animate the stone with the breath of life."

"My name is David Boies and I have studied Native Americans and their cultures for over forty years. As any portable rock art enthusiast will attest, trying to get the academic world to look at something in a different way is difficult at best and impossible when you propose something altogether new. The people that carved these were very skilled craftsmen and excellent artisans with a deep reverence for nature. These artifacts hold an immense amount of knowledge to be gleaned by the professionals but getting them to admit they exist is the first step."

These kinds of small figure stones have been well documented by archaeologist Jan van Es of The Netherlands. Jan has shared many photographs with me over a few years and I can say this figure stone has very remarkable similarity to the Dutch material from the Lower and Middle Paleolithic sites he has worked. Many of Jan's photos may be seen in postings on this blog.

The "one eye open, other eye closed" motif is a meme originating in the Acheulean/Late Acheulean time frame and its presence throughout North America requires an accounting by archaeological science. To date, it is being ignored or denied without the benefit of any intellectual effort on the part of those whose duty it is to address such anomalies.

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