Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

20 September 2012

"Bear alert," rotating image 90 degrees left, reveals known motif of bird cresting human head

 Bob Doyle find, Maine. (click photos to expand)

This is an elaboration on the prior posting "Bear alert" with interpretations of additional iconography by Ken Johnston. When the bear icon photo in the prior posting is rotated 90 degrees to the left, a (bearded?) human facial profile looking left may be seen (left of and below the white line). To the right and above the white line is a winged bird figure, cresting at the human's forehead. The bird's beak is exactly at the top of the human's forehead. This kind of bird/human combination, a therianthrope, is a recurring motif described by Bob Doyle from the Maine coast and by Alan Day in Ohio. (click photos to expand)

Rotation of the bear icon 90 degrees to the left, displays a proboscidean-like image, perhaps a mastodon head. This stone has polymorphic possibilities, depending on how it is viewed.



  1. In the bear position it looks a lot like a eagle head, the very yellow part near the bears hind being the yellow eagle eye. The eagle's head is in the position of scoping just like Bob mentioned about the bear in the scoping position. Do y'all think these bird human morph stones r related to the birdman seeing he has been drawn part man part bird by the mound builders. Another think odd about the stones is the degrees they turn r often right angles pointing to the fact some of them maybe representative of directions the eagle is often a representative of the sixth direction up.

  2. The image of the bird also contains some more images. I see an image of a gorilla. The beak forms his brow. From there you should be able to make out his face, mouth arm and back. It is a side profile with the gorilla looking towards the viewer and to our left.

    I also see another image of a woman imbedded in the image of the man's face. It is found on the lower part, starting from the cheek bone of the man...also a side profile.

    I also see a figure, like a prehistoric animal coming out of cave, on the lower part of the stone, underneath the figures of the bird and the face of the man.