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14 May 2012

Hoard #4 of 7: rabbit or rodent polymorphic sculpture sharing the same stone inclusions as teeth

Buckeye Lake sculpture hoard #4 of 7 is a rabbit/rodent polymorph with an animal depicted on each side. The teeth are protruding at the far left point of the artifact in this view.

Side 2 has a more rabbit-like appearance. The teeth are the far right in this view.

A view from on top of the artifact with scale, rabbit on top of center ridge line, rodent on bottom
(click photos to expand)

The rabbit in right profile view with head at right end. A crystal lined cavity in the belly of the figurine seems to have been featured by the proto-artist. (click photos to expand)

Close up of the teeth shared by the animals on both sides of the sculpture


Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber find from the "Old Route 66 zoo" site in southwest Missouri. The site has produced dozens of sculptures including several analogs to other finds identified as sculptures by amateur archaeologists and artifact collectors. Many more sculptures and tools are awaiting excavation by qualified archaeologists at that site. 

Ken Johnston find from Flint Ridge, Ohio, about 10 miles from the find location of the Buckeye Lake sculpture hoard of 7 artifacts. The flint material for both artifacts is Vanport, from Flint Ridge.

A final picture of the Buckeye Lake, Ohio, sculpture hoard #4 of 7


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