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07 May 2012

Hoard #2 of 7: feline head in relief with perspective from front left, speculated to be a depiction of the now extinct American Lion

Hoard sculpture #2 of 7, feline head, from Buckeye Lake, Ohio
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This is a standing feline head panel with a sculpted form in relief. The carving demonstrates a sophisticated artist's perspective where one is viewing the cat from the front left and is able to see both eyes from this front/side view.  This sculpture weighs 12 lbs. Another suspected lion's head sculpture was found about 10 miles from the Buckeye Lake flint sculpture hoard at the source of the raw material, Flint Ridge

The manufactured eye cavities are animated here and the lines which create a distinctly feline muzzle highlight the mouth and nose. Please note the black circle in the ear showing a series of drilled holes which create a circle in the rough area to better depict the lion's ear

Like #1 (the human head sculpture) the lion's head has a significant lean toward the back while standing on its base making the sculpture look like it is balancing precariously.  There is nothing of significance discernible on the backside of the artifact.

Here is the sculpture standing upright on its designed base

Pictured with (cm) scale. (click photos to expand)

Panthera leo atrox, the now extinct American Lion

A night time view with low angle lighting to demonstrate how shadowing affects the look of the sculpture


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  1. I like the fact that it stands by itself and shows the lion face straight on.