Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

14 March 2011

Face on front of abrading stone using contrasting white stone for jawline

From Irrigon, Oregon, U.S.A., Columbia River Valley
Dennis Boggs collection

Smiling, chimp-like face on leading front of abrading tool

This is a view of the hard stone material on the bottom of this piece used as the abrading surface on this finger held pebble tool.  The top of the stone which comprises the face is a softer, much different stone type.  This is a view from behind of the left profile of the face, tip of the face's mouth is point where at left where the two materials meet.  One would grab the "knob" seen here on stone top and hold with smiling face leading each forward stroke of the abrading tool. 

View of right side of face.  This face incorporated into a tool in the U.S.A. may indicate a Eurasian cultural connection to the maker.

From The Netherlands, collection of Jan van Es
Oregon example exhibits similar usage of different stone material to make the jaw line of the face.

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