10 May 2016

Three crude portraits found among Lower Paleolithic tools on the Île d'Oléron, France

Henri Valentie finds, Island of Oleron, France

"Hello, I present these portraits whose dimensions are 22/18/15, 25/13/16, 17/14/7. These stones come from the same site on the island of Oleron.

On the first one can distinguish a face looking skyward. The third has a funny side.

On this site there are more than stone figures with lower paleo tools.

Was it a place of worship (the sea with large tidal coefficient)? Still passionate about your site, friendship, Henri"

I think it is possible the middle stone has a depiction of a right profile of a horse head and neck, with an 'eye spot,' across the human's forehead. This France find could have a motif affinity with the Virginia sculpture featured in the posting just prior to this one.

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