03 May 2016

Standing animal sculpture from Virginia incorporates rhomboid shape found site wide

'Animal figure facing left'
 Adam Arkfeld find, Site #44FK731, Clear Brook, Virginia

Because of the large number of animal sculptures found at this site it is not unreasonable to make a zoomorphic interpretation of a stone with very subtle features like this one. While the 'body' of the animal is an abstraction as a rhomboid, the 'head' is very detailed with ear, eye, mouth and a prominent nose. It seems likely to be a depiction of a bear.

A couple of years ago I made a posting about some giant diamond-shaped plaques found at the site by Adam Arkfeld. If one 'cuts off the bear's head' as suggested by illustration above, the (more or less) rhomboid may be observed.

An object such as this may be incorporating a combination of figurative and geometric elements which were significant to its maker.

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