Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

04 May 2016

A striking human head sculpture made by means of large flake removal from The Arkfeld Site, Clear Brook, Virginia

'Human head sculpture by means of large flake removal'
Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia

Creation of a sculpture like this requires a remarkable skill set of the artist, combining intimate knowledge and mastery of the stone material as well a talented artistic sensibility we can appreciate today.

As with so much portable rock art, more is often going on than first meets the eye. I interpret a horse neck and head figure nested in the human head sculpture above the person's forehead.

Please note what may a crude animal face depiction on the right side edge of the first photo. The creature's nose is a dark spot at the furthest tip on the right side. This is similar to other finds from western Europe and north west Africa. This suggests a connection of the North American Arkfeld Site to 'Old World' Acheulean or Mousterian in the Acheulean Tradition (MTA) art and tool complexes. (click photos to expand).

Photo one circles the animal head and photo two features the animal head with interpreted and illustrated features of its eye, nose and mouth.

'Heavy duty rhomboid burins'
Arkfeld Site tool finds, May 2016

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