Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

26 July 2017

'Flying foot' imagery from Arkfeld Site Paleolithic times in similar motif to ancient Greek god Hermes

'Flying foot' interpreted by Adam Arkfeld
The Arkfeld Site, #44FK732, Clear Brook, Virginia

The side view of the 'foot' has a distinct bird-in-flight-like form. It also resembles the NASA Space Shuttles in profile view. Based on this and evidence of toes on the foot worked to relative anatomical accuracy led Arkfeld to this astute interpretation.

Arkfeld notes the 'flying foot' motif is seen in the case of the Greek god Hermes

View of the top of the foot shows five toes resting on a surface of a band of white quartzite. (click photos to expand) 

Closer view of top of foot

Toes illustrated

View of front of the foot

Close up view of the toes on the front of the foot

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