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14 July 2016

An Arkfeld Site 'mother holding child' limestone plaquette is in a timeless portable rock art motif

'Mother holding child'
Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia, site #44FK731

Ken Johnston illustration of the Adam Arkfeld interpretation of the detail of this figure. The 'baby' may be seen inside the blue circle. Arms, hair and mouth are also illustrated. Click photo to expand and toggle to compare the photo with the illustrated photo.

A cut-out photo of the 'baby' within the 'frame' carved in bas relief
'Mother and child' in Adam Arkfeld's hand

'Mother and child' worked stone figure
Jan van Es find, The Netherlands, Lower Paleolithic

Adam Arkfeld noted a similarity of his find to one he had seen on this blog. The person in the figure here is truncated at the waist just like in the Virginia, USA, example. I contacted Jan van Es and he replied as follows. Translated from Dutch:

"Indeed, it comes from the same family. Sometimes it has a slightly different view as the polymorph but he certainly belongs to. I call it family sculptures, because of this series are at least 20 singular types but they make a link with each other .

Nice find it, it gives so nice that it was a universal thought!

I often look at your site, there are beautiful sculptures, it is amazing that the professionals do not get beyond tools and their technical aspect . I send some material to you by mail after this . Have a top summer and a relaxed time .

Regards Jan"

Another Jan van Es find worked stone figure from a Lower Paleolithic art and tool context in The Netherlands.

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