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12 February 2016

'Kissy Birds' (reprise)

'Kissy Birds'
Mark Jones find, Piney Point, Maryland

This is a St. Valentine's Day weekend reprise of a figure stone named 'Kissy Birds' by its finder. It was eroding out of a bank into the Potomac River along with numerous other portable rock art pieces including birds and a good number of 'one eye closed/missing' human face mask stones. I was able to visit Mark and concur with him that this stone was worked on multiple surfaces and includes an intentionally ground 'eye' visible on the bird on the left.

Piney Point, Maryland, is located right in the great Chesapeake Bay migratory bird flyway on the east coast of North America. Water birds preening or courting would have been a common observation of people in the area.

The love birds take on a fair 'heart' shape in their outline form. 'Kissy Birds' was this blog's first posting, 5 years and 600 articles ago.

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