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23 February 2016

A horse head sculpture, a crystal eyed pebble face mask and an 'Early Man' bust from The Old Route 66 Zoo, Site #23JP1222

'Horse head with feline as mane'
Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber find, Jasper County, Missouri
The Old Route 66 Zoo Site, #23JP1222

I think this horse head sculpture is also presenting a feline, where the cat is curled across the back of the horse head like the mane of the horse, the cat and horse share ears and the 'eye' of the horse is the 'mouth' of the cat. This is thought to be a pairing of predator and prey where both animals are present in the same view (in an optical illusion).

This remarkable portable rock art site continues to produce iconic pieces like these in a concentrated area of less than 1/2 acre.

'Face mask' on a pebble recognizing crystal mineral inclusions as 'eyes' 

'Early Man' bust, looking left in 3/4 profile view

'Early Man, View 2'

I think it is likely the human is being depicted here with a mammoth figure cresting its forehead.

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