Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

10 October 2014

Anthropomorphic stem figures from Missouri and Virginia

Anthropomorphic "stem figures" found by Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber at The Old Rout 66 Zoo site, near Joplin, Missouri, #23JP1222. 

Dodd has speculated they may have been used as puppets in story telling or child play. All four figures are in profile looking right in this photo.

Another anthropomorphic stem figure stone identified by Dodd and a close up of the facial detail, faint, but sill present. This figure is looking straight on.

The black lines in this photo indicate the interpreted "line of eye sight" of the figures. The one at right has a smaller face looking left on its back. In the middle is a small figure of a human bust with a pointed chin and looking right. Please note the figure at left has a groove to accomodate a thumb in order to improve the grip on it.

Anthropomorphic stemmed figures identified by Adam Arkfeld at the Arkfeld site, Clear Brook, Virginia, #44FK732. The two at left seem to invoke the female form.

Anthropomorphic stemmed figures identified by Adam Arkfeld

Arkfeld site, Virginia, anthropomorphic stem figure at left (photo reversed for more direct compare) and one of the figures identified from The Old Route 66 Zoo site in Missouri. I propose these two figures are examples of the same culturally mediated anthropomorphic stone figure tradition representing the same idealized form or character.

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