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08 October 2014

A Flint Ridge cardinal-like bird figure

Flint Ridge, Muskingum County, Ohio, bird sculpture find by Ken Johnston, 11cm

Bird figure sits on a stable base, facing right here with "tail feathers" at left

Sitting bird figure facing left

Bird figure perched upon a small easel. The bird's head has a pointed likeness to the Northern Cardinal, Ohio's official state bird. The red color of the stone may have inspired the artist to give the sculpture a cardinal likeness.

Northern Cardinal common to Ohio

Side 1 and 2 of a bird figure found with the cardinal, 8cm
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Little bird figure with worked eye, beak and split tail feathers from same context. 5cm. Two views here of the same side.

This geometric shaped artifact (11cm) is a common occurrence at Flint Ridge, Ohio. This same form is also seen locally to Flint Ridge, Ohio, in limestone examples.

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