Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

11 August 2014

Bird figure backs as lithic workbenches

Water bird figure facing left with tool bit protruding from back

Ken Johnston find, Licking County, Ohio.
This is the reverse side with bird figure facing right now.

These two artifacts were found together at Flint Ridge and I have interpreted them as bird figures whose backs were used as small lithic workbenches perhaps similarly to examples originally described by Jan van Es of Roermond, The Netherlands. 

Both of these birds' backs is carrying a load of quartz crystals which have been worn down by grinding wear. One of the figures presents a cradling cup-like concave surface which has been smoothed from use and the other presents a convex quartz crystal formation with a protruding wear bit. Both figures have unusually flat bases which are stable under movement and pressure. They were found together at an ancient chert quarry and workshop site at Flint Ridge, Glenford, Ohio, and are essentially the same size.

Ken Johnston find, Licking County, Ohio. Interpreted as a bird with well defined wing facing right and another creature with an eye, perhaps a bird, facing left.

The dip seen on the back of the bird here is a cluster of quartz crystals which has been worn down

The two Licking County, Ohio, artifacts with scale

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  1. Hi,I´m Rudi,and I´m coming from the northest part of Germany where so much stonework can be seen in so many different kinds .One part of my daily search is I´m looking for stoneage tools that have been formed in an intelligent way to show persons,figures and animals - it´s true and obviously: the early homo was able to create complicated things by his hands and does it sometimes perfectly ! I´m in contact with an old lady nearby Hamburg.She has her own internet side under,there you can see homo-heads,elephants,wales,apes a.o. .Here I have a stone that shows the head of an neanderthal man exactly as he should look like,and I´ve found a big stone that shows an iceage tiger which looks really great.So it´s time for all the scientists of archeology in the world : they should wake up and accept these important things - but they don´t´s a shame ! They ignore these truths and say all these things have not been proved it only exists in man´s phantasy - what a great failure I think,isn´it ?
    The stone shown on your picture is fantastic - the bird is clear to be seen ! We have the eyes for such beauties of stonework and I wouldn´t change it - never in my life.
    I hope that one day these truths are selfevident.So I´m working for me and write down what I found out as you also do.Thank you for the wonderful pictures and your page here.