Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

21 July 2014

Missouri human head sculpture identified by Keith Stamper is similar to Acheulean tradition sculpture described by author Pietro Gaietto

Keith Stamper find, St. Peters, Missouri, identified as a sculpted human head figure 

The Keith Stamper sculpted head at top has strong stylistic similarity to this sculpted human head by Homo erectus from the Lower Paleolithic Acheulean tradition featured by Pietro Gaietto on the cover of his book.

(left) View 2 of the Keith Stamper Missouri sculpture find, (right) a profile view showing "nose" protrusion

Two human heads with facial profiles facing left (click photos to expand)

A sample of the dozens of anthropomorphic forms identified by Keith Stamper at St. Peters, Missouri

Levallois-like flake tool identified among sculptures by Keith Stamper

Thick blade tool found among sculptures by Keith Stamper

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