Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

26 February 2014

Site number 23JP1222 human head profile statue has a smaller analog from Zanesville, Ohio

(left) Site 23JP1222, the "Old Route 66 Zoo" in Missouri, human head profile statue found by Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber compared to (right) human form identified by amateur archaeologist Mike Raver, at Zanesville, Ohio. 

Figure stone researcher Alan Day has dubbed this recurring human form "Stargazer" because it seems to represent a human head profile looking skyward.

Side 2

Possible animal head figure looking right (canine?) identified by Mike Raver in the context of other iconic finds at Zanesville, Ohio

Mike Raver find, Zanesville, Ohio, a beautiful giant lancolate point made in the local Ohio limestone


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  1. link from my page of the canine and stargazer pieces. more pix there from different angles. thank you guys for your works and for posting these! it is amazing to me how these ancient parts of art still capture our attention today. just amazing.