Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

04 September 2013

Carved petrified wood human head profile is second such example identified by Chris Schram from the same Colorado valley

Chris Schram find, Westminster Colorado, near Big Dry Creek

Human head profile looking left, mid-facial prominence and recessive chin like archaic-type humans or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. This is the second human profile on petrified wood identified by Chris, the first one featured in an earlier posting on this blog.



  1. Hi Ken...

    That's a very nice piece! Here in southeastern Ohio artifacts of petrified wood appear from time to time, although not very often, from what I have read. So far they seem to show up in contexts ranging in age from Late Archaic through Late Prehistoric. A friend and I have found two pieces of this material (not iconographic, far as I can see) at a site in eastern Muskingum County, in context with excellent limestone Figure Stones / tools and nonlocal Upper Mercer flint debitage. My quite tentative guess at this point is that this material likely dates from the Archaic Period, and that the petrified wood fragments are manuports collected for their novelty.

  2. I live in Greeley Colorado North of Chris, 51 years old, have been putting petrified rocks in my pockets (and messing up the women's washers since I was 2 here in Colo. I have had and lost several collections (no want of my own). The collection I have now is in the 1000's of pieces mostley petrified ( I would argue some-at least- are not wood) and it grows by the day. I've submitted pics to this site, none have been posted. However on almost ALL my specimens (most from 3 specific sites, and ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 14 inch), I repeat almost ALL there are multiple images. Not just 1 or 2, dozens. I lost count on 1 over 300. Look closer at Chris', I count 5 profiles looking to the left. the beard area of the big one is the next easiest to see and it has POINTED EARS! I dare say if any of you have found an image or 2 on a collected piece, take another look. And bear in mind that these people probably drew from a much larger species base than we, and they might have enjoyed comedy. I swear some of my pieces look like cartoons. I have pictures on Facebook, if it's Ok with this site find me under Gregg Lee Greeley, Colo. Happy Hunting

  3. I found the piece I have that looks like this one. I'll get you some pics. It's mind blowing!