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19 October 2012

Prehistoric bling-bling: American Levallois finger tool incorporates natural crystal inclusion as a featured visual aspect

Ken Johnston find, Flint Ridge, Licking County, Ohio

Tools found near the Flint Ridge bird figure/chopper featured in the prior posting of 17 October include this Levallois-style reduction finger held cutter/perforator/borer.

The crystals appear between the index and middle fingers pointing skyward while the tools is used as designed. It may be thought of as a decorated tool, a finger axe with some "bling," which was likely recognized and appreciated by the maker in prehistory. 

The tool stands upright on its own "base" in this orientation, like one might expect from a sculpture.

Side two view.

Another less ostentatious Levallois style flake tool designed to be held in the fingers found nearby.

Illustrations of the designed thumb pads on these artifacts to facilitate one's grip.

These artifacts appear to be made using Levallois preferential unidirectional-convergent core preparation.

Pictured with a smaller, undecorated, Levallois-style tool found nearby (at right).


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