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04 October 2016

A sculpted 'mammoth' boulder with simple face depicted on its posterior is third such example from Licking County, Ohio

Sculpted mammoth boulder, Ken Johnston find on the shore of a former glacial terminus swamp, now modern-day Buckeye Lake, Ohio.

This is the third large mammoth sculpture (boulder size) with a face incorporated onto its posterior I have found in the Licking River valley, Licking County, Ohio. I have also found other mammoth sculptures and smaller examples with animal and human faces combined with the mammoths. This art motif is one of the most well documented on this blog.

Aerial map of Hebron, Buckeye Lake and Jacksontown, Ohio, indicates the find locations of the three mammoth boulder sculptures with faces on posteriors in chronological order of my finding them. Location 3 is the subject of this posting. They are all a few miles apart and suggest there are more to be found. Columbus, Ohio is 30 miles to the west.

Mammoth model for comparison of silhouette to the Ohio sculpture

This mammoth (blue M) was found 300 yards from the find location of the Buckeye Lake Paleolithic flint sculpture hoard I found on my property (gold star) which fueled my initial interest in the archaeology of portable rock art. The hoard included one mammoth sculpture of the eight in the group. While it would be nice to have a new Metro Station here, the blue point indicates the place where this mammoth boulder was found in Harbor Hills on Maple Bay.

Mammoth trunk at left, posterior at right. A simple human face has been incorporated into what would be the mammoth's 'left haunch.'

Area highlighted in blue has been worked by stone pecking.

Human face on mammoth's posterior

Buckeye Lake, Ohio, mammoth sculpture on a boulder

A glacial terminus swamp, 'Buffalo Swamp' to historical native Americans, an Ohio & Erie canal feeder lake, then 'Buckeye Lake' State Park. A now gone amusement park is seen here in the 1960's. The approximate find location of this Ohio mammoth sculpture may be seen in the upper left of this photo.

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