21 August 2016

Landscapers inadvertently return probable large mammoth sculpture to its original upright position

Ken Johnston Paleolithic art mammoth sculpture find, Licking County, Ohio
'Mammoth left profile'

This probable Ice Age mammoth rock art sculpture is about 30 inches tall, is slender and stands upon a flat base which presents the animal figure in the correct upright position.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 1 from front

Side 2 from front

The stone is a flake off a large boulder. Its perimeter has been shaped to sculpt the profile of the body of a mammoth. A complete petrological examination will confirm this as a humanly-shaped portable rock art sculpture.

Modern day landscapers were attracted to this stone because of its thinness and ability to stand upright on a flat base. They encountered this stone when restoring a garden and decided to make it a part of the visual interest of a stream confluence construction. There is a boulder next to the mammoth sculpture but it is not propping up the mammoth stone and does not appear related to it.

This view favors the posterior of the mammoth sculpture

Faint trace of a possible zooanthropomorphic right facial profile on the posterior of the mammoth sculpture is in line with other examples from this place like seen in the last posting. There is possible evidence of some focused grinding to create an 'eye divot' seen as a whitish spot.

This stone presents a striking mammoth likeness which I propose was cultivated in the Ice Age and left for landscapers to discover and then prop up this year. It makes an ideal "standing stone." I was able to recognize it as a potentially significant portable rock art sculpture. The context here is strong, directly on the maximum geographic extent of the Wisconsinan glaciation. I have found other mammoth figures here as well as innumerable coarse stone tools.

Prior posting mammoth and human combination sculpture found just a few hundred yards from the probable mammoth sculpture featured here.

Human facial profile with mammoth head cresting forehead from this site

Human facial profile with mammoth head cresting forehead from this site. This is the only piece of Flint Ridge flint I have found on this 1,000+ acre site despite its being located just 5 miles from this famous chert quarry location. 

Sample of the coarse stone tools which are found by the thousands at this site

Restoration of this landscape garden in Licking County, Ohio, on private property is the reason the large mammoth sculpture became visible again after its "Ice Age life." It is located just to the right of this scene photographed the same day I noticed the sculpture.

This boulder with a natural right edge approximating the curvature of a mammoth trunk was featured earlier on this blog. It was found just two miles from the mammoth in this posting and in the same watershed. It has a crude sculpted face on its posterior which supports the proposition of boulder-size mammoth sculptures in this locality.

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